Vicky Rios

First and foremost, she is a mother.  Also, a creative woman who is passionate about life and nature, with a great sensitivity for design, human sciences, aesthetics, and everything related to the development of the “being” and the spiritual.  She lives in search for new knowledge, in finding new philosophies that would allow her to connect with her being and to live ever present in the day-to-day life.  
After facing a post-partum depression, she embarked in a personal quest.  During this journey, she stumbled upon the concept of Coaching and Neurosciences.  These two elements became essential instruments towards personal transformation, allowing her to have the perfect tools to achieve personal empowerment.  In this manner, she has been able to help and guide others to take charge of their lives – to fly higher.
She believes life is UNIQUE.  We are in charge of coloring it whatever shade with desire.  We must use our favorite ingredients, so that we can live it to its fullest.

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